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Southern Medical, Inc. is a home infusion company located in Birmingham, AL. providing parenteral pharmacy and infusion nursing services to patients at home and outpatient clinics throughout the state of Alabama. The Company provides clinical expertise and unparalleled customer service for patients receiving a broad range of intravenous and other parenteral and enteral services outside the hospital. The experience of a caring staff, the use of the latest technological advances and the meticulous attention to detail have fueled the exponential growth of the organization over the last ten years. Southern Medical is dedicated to providing our clients - patients, caregivers, physicians, nurses and case managers - with the very best care and service available, producing optimal outcomes and customer satisfaction in a cost-efficient manner.

Southern Medicals reimbursement specialists have a great deal of experience and knowledge to maximize existing insurance benefits as well as explore all federal, state and alternative coverage possibilities. In addition to other third-party payers, the specialists are familiar with all Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement guidelines. Southern Medicals "on-line" computers assist in providing timely, accurate coverage and cost information for patients and health care professionals. The goal is simple - exceed the expectation of the referral source.

To explore the possibilities- home IV antibiotics, our nutritional support team or an array of other services and therapies - explore our website. Call, fax or e-mail us. Quiz our clinicians. Challenge our reimbursement expertise. Let us prove to you what others have said about us: We are the very best at what we do.

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