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Ten years ago, as the home infusion industry was evolving, patients were discharged from the hospital with a great deal of fanfare and advanced preparation. Today, patients frequently go home "sicker and quicker", or avoid hospitalization altogether with the initiation of infusion therapy in the home. Our pledge to our patients and referral sources is that home infusion therapy will begin the day it is ordered; that additional time will not be spent in the hospital waiting for the home infusion company or that the patient experiences an interruption in service or missed doses.

There are over 600 infusion therapies that have been identified for home or clinic use. Southern Medicals clinical staff can make the initial assessment for the appropriateness of any potential home infusion patient. We work with the physician, nursing agency, patient and case manager to assure a smooth transition from the hospital to the home environment. We work with each patient and family to identify and coordinate their special needs. With the initial home visit each patient will have a medication profile review, an individualized treatment plan and comprehensive outcome monitoring plan. During the course of the therapy we will monitor adherence to the plan of care and outcome information to optimize each individual patient's care



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