Southern Medical Patient Center - Home Safety



1. Keep pathways clear.
2. Use an assistive device as instructed by your MD.
3. Keep rooms well lighted. leave a night light on at night.
4. Keep a flashlight near your bed and in each room in case of power outage.
5. Avoid use of throw rugs.
6. Keep pets from tripping you.
7. Have handrails on stairs.
8. Use non-skid strips on stair edges if not carpeted.
9. Avoid wobbly furniture and pieces with sharp edges.
10. Clean up spills immediately.


1. Use a rubber mat in the tub or shower.
2. Use chair or bench in the shower.
3. Use liquid soap rather than bar soap to prevent falls and infection.
4. Keep hot water heather at 120 degrees to prevent burns.
5. Use a hand held shower head.
6. Use non-skid bath mat next to bath, shower and sink.
7. Install grab bars for balance. do not use towel bars to grab.

Infection Control

1. Wash your hands frequently.
2. Use antibacterial soap.
3. Keep your hands moist with lotion to prevent cracking.
4. Bathe on a regular basis.
5. Do laundry regularly.

1. ) Change linens when soiled.
2. ) Wash soiled clothes in hot water.

6. Dispose of contaminated waste in proper manner.

1. ) dressings double bagged.
2. ) needles to sharp containers.

7. Use gloves when you come in contact with blood or body fluids.
8. Use face or eye protection with gown if splashing is likely.




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