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Our specialty is nutritional support ......Southern Medicals Nutritional Support Team can work with you in a variety of ways to optimize the nutritional therapy of your patient. Our clinical pharmacists and nurses can monitor and report lab values and other pertinent information regarding the status of nutritional patients. Our physician or nurse practitioner, with advanced training in nutrition, can work with the primary care physician to generate and monitor a patient's nutritional needs. A simple request for a consult and management of enteral, total parenteral nutrition or intradyaletic parenteral nutrition can relieve the primary care physician of originating and monitoring nutritional formulas. All intravenous formulas are prepared in a state of the art Class 100 clean room by parenteral-certified pharmacists and delivered to the patient's home by Southern Medical client care coordinators.

Nutritional formulas are generally covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Our reimbursement personnel can discuss any particular patient's needs and quickly answer any questions regarding coverage issues.

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